I have a permit to stay in Germany and my deportation has been suspended for now as I have no passports or supporting documents to be deported. I need to extend every three months. I heard that I will get residence permit after 8 years if this situations continue for 8 years. My deportation has been suspended as I failed to show them documents. Now my questions is if I get residence permit/citizenship after eight years, what documents will I have to submit to the authority? Will I have to bring documents from my country of origin ?

asked Apr 22, 2018 in Legal advice by sabbirnbd | 903 views
Hello @sabbirnbd Welcome to our community and thank you for your question! I will link @WKZB2 as he knows a lot about right of residence and related topics. Best regards, Thorgen
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Thanks bro for your cooperation.

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Dear @sabbirnbd,

There is a possibility for people with Duldung to receive a residence permit in accordance to ยง 25b Aufenthaltsgesetz (Residence Act) granted. if they:

- have stayed at least eight years without interruption in Germany with Duldung, Aufenthaltsgestattung or residence Permit (six years of stay for families with minors);

- cover the living expenses predominantly (at least 51%) by themsekves (exceptions when in professional training, studying etc.);

- own German language skills A2;

- have not deceived about their identity and origin;

- possess a passport or are able to demonstrate thay cannot get one.

Best regards


answered Apr 25, 2018 by โœ”WKZB1
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