I came from Italy to Germany. Was an asylum seeker in Italy and was rejected at first. And I took a lawyer to appeal, and I came to Germany trying to see for asylum here as well , and Germany government is not giving me good response now, and my lawyer from Italy called me days back now saying Italy government issued me international protection already and I now have 5 years document. So I would like to go to Italy and get my document there.  But the point now is there is no job in Italy , and I don’t want to come back to Germany and stay in the camp again because I’m so tired of that already , I have a German woman who says I need to go get the document and come back and stay with her. Saying she would give me resident permit and I would need to go to university for one years to get the certificate. I don’t really understand all that. How can she give me resident ? How is that possible ? I just want to know what I’m getting my self into before doing anything
asked Sep 23, 2018 in Legal advice by Kent | 1,065 views

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Hi thanks for the question the group will fine an answer for you soon. Just that some of our experts like@thor @WKZB are busy for now Best regards Nelly
answered Sep 25, 2018 by Nelly Overcomer
Okay thank you. Will be waiting. God bless you.
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