He's 18+, living in Italy for 2 years and I'll be turning 18 in April 2020, living in Germany for 6 years. We want to marry as soon as possible and he wants to move to Germany. What steps do we need to follow to legally get married and live in Germany together?
asked Sep 8, 2019 in Legal advice by serious_drama

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2 Answers

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The Question should be, which countries are you or he from? Because they're some Countries like my country Nigeria, that the government places a lot of obstacles, that's what you need to check first, because if any of you comes from those countries, it's better you go to Italy to get married if you have your necessary papers
answered Sep 9, 2019 by Jude Benson
Thank you for your response. Well the problem is that we want to settle in Germany and I can't really go to Italy. He's from India I'm from Afghanistan. I just want to know the easiest procedure to get married in Germany and what documents we might need for that...
I think I understand,
What you have to do is go to your local Standesamt, they will give you the requirements for your country, and how long it will take, and another problem will be, does he has a valid document to come to Germany??
No, he does not have those documents yet and also I'm underage(turning 18 in april)...would that create any problems? We want to marry after my birthday but we still want to be ready with the documents and all because these things can take long time.
Jude Benson,  I am from nigeria,  I have been living in Germany for 3 years now and right now , I am illegal for 6 months now but my german gf is pregnant for me and by God grace she will give birth by February next year. I want to know if I can get stay through the child when she put to birth next year since I am illegal ? Or can  u advice me on what I should do next year when she put to birth so I can have resident permit through my child ? Thanks sir
Jude Benson,  I am illegal because I went into hiding from authority because my asylum procedure has ended and they want to deport me but they didn't  have any identity from me to deport me so they stop to renew my 3 months duldung, so I went into hiding in my german gf house. Right now my german gf is pregnant and she will give birth by February,  advice me on how to get resident permit through my child since I am illegal . Thanks
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You can get married at 17, but you will need a permission from both your dad and mom, so, if you wan to do it on your own, you have to wait, and for the papers you need, they are some papers that is not supposed to be more than 3months old, so, I will advise you wait till you're 18, then you get the papers, like, passport, birth certificate, evidence of been single, if you have the necessary papers to travel, you go and meet him, I believe it will be more easier there, than here
answered Sep 9, 2019 by Jude Benson
Thank you so much. Your comment was really helpful. Have a nice week:)
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