Hallo everyone this is my first post here

I am Abdul 30 years old and I come from Lebanon and live in Germany from 2 and a half years . i have a Duldung from a Year and Half . I did give the auslander behörde any document that prove who I am so they dont deport me . i want some advices regarding on how to get married

I am with a girl she is 25  she was born here in Germany also she have 2 natiaonalties Italian and German .. we are together from.   2 years ... we have 2 different anmuldungs she Lives in NRW and I live in NDS . I cant move to her city because of my duldung so  I am living with her in " schawrz " . We have finally took the decision on getting married so last week We went to the Standesamt in her Statd and the Woman there told us that I am not allowed to get Married here because of the abschimung and i have to give in my Documents so they deport me and get married in Libanon and they apply for a Visa .. I told her thats not logical because i am already here .. and if I go back  there is no chance i can come back .. the people and standesamt simply doesnt care its like -1 Auslander for them

My questiobs are

- 1 Can a lawyer help me

-2 how i can get married on her italian papers ? Cant we just simply go to the italian embassy and marry there ?

3- can i get married in italy ?

For me its not important which papers i can get Italiab or German .. its just want to get married here and not in Libanon

Thank you in advance for your adivces .. and sorry for the long paragraph
asked Jun 21, 2018 in Legal advice by Abduul | 645 views

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Hello @Abduul

Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for your question.

1) In a situation like that I can only recommend to get in contact with a lawyer. Someone that is specialised in cases like that can take a much closer **** at it and give you the best advice.

2) Unfortunately it is not possible to marry in an embassy in Germany. The one and only authority that is competent for marriage is Standesamt.

3) There is one problem with that plan: You only have a Duldung so you are not allowed to travel because you have to stay in Germany until further notice.

Best regards,


answered Jun 21, 2018 by Thor
Thank you for your reply. I made an apppointment at the lawyer for next week ..

But lets say i went to italy which i did 4 times before.. and went to the standes amt there .. would they let me get married if i have my documents and her italian passport or they will make me problems ?
Unfortunately I can't give you an answer to that. But I can imagine that there are going to be problems.
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