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Start the marriage procedure.
I know that first I have to go to Standesamt and I have all documents But not passport and I think I make passport in the end .
my question is that what should I give to Standesamt step by step for marriage . I m from Pakistan and my girlfriend is from Poland .
Please suggest me complete step by step .
asked May 13, 2017 in Legal advice by Kikia
Hello @Kikia - as you pointed out, you need to go to the Standesamt anyways. I would suggest that ask them what steps you need to take because they probably know best.
I don't know where you are living right now, but the Standesamt in Berlin for example, wants you to appear in person and to provide a valid ID, passport or another documents which indicates that you live in said city in order to get counseling. Could you tell us in which city you are living so that we can provide further information, please?
Best regards,
I'm in a hurry - therefore only a brief survey of needed things (in German): If you apply for a marriage at a civil registry office you can ask them for a counseling interview, it's free of charge. E.G. Berlin see information here: (in German)

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