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Good morning Thorgen,

my question is this:

I came to Germany in May 2016 and applied for asylum, then in other October same year, I left the asyl center after i had a disagreement with my girlfriend (still under asylum) whom i had son with bothering on infidelity on her path but we separated amicably.

Before I left the heim(camp) I have not been to any interviews( my only interview was for my 6 months ausweis) but when I came back on May 2017 to renew my Ausweis( which has expired 2 months before) I was told to re-apply for asylum. I re- applied  but after 2 weeks (without any interview) I left again due to fear of being deported because I was kept with other asylum seekers with worst cases than mine.

Now I have a German girlfriend and we seriously want to get married and start a family. I’m “illegal “ here but I want to seek asylum again is it possible for me to be accepted or will I be deported. I’m really scared and my girlfriend can’t stay without me because I changed her and gave her a reason to live.
Apr 25 by Too
Greetings to you sir.. I commend your good efforts on this platform. Thank you

My question is a brother recently got married to a German. He's asylum was already rejected and he had his appeal against the rejected still running until he got married, immediately he got married, his lawyer withdrew his asylum application and applied for his resident permit directly to the auslanderbehorde in the city where he's wife lives. He got an appointment with the auslanderbehorde in his wife's city but the date is too far away (3 months).. meanwhile he got a letter from the auslanderbehorde in his city to bring back he's 6 months Ausweiss and they gave him a duldung for one month and asked for his passport.

But he won't submit his passport because he fears deportation. Please he is married to a German woman and the marriage was done here in germany. Can he still be deported ? Don't the auslanderbehorde in his city see it that he is marrried? Why duldung ?
Apr 11 by Zere
Hello Thor,
please help me ? My wife came to Germany through Spain visa but didn't seek asylum in Spain, she only pass there within some hours to France and from France to Germany. She's here in Germany with me now seeking asylum and her asylum file has been attached to my asylum file here in Germany but they just send her to another camp saying they have started her Dublin procedure with Spain to send her back to Spain while I'm here in Germany and because our marriage is not on papers, they referred me as her fiance. Please I wish to know if there is anything I can do or can they deport her to Spain while she didn't seek asylum there and while I'm here in Germany? # Thanks
Mar 31 by Denny28
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