I am an asylum seeker(from Nigeria) currently living in Germany, me and my girlfriend wants to get married in Poland in 3months.

Please, would I need to have a resident permit or visa to be able to get married in Poland? Because I do not have and I don’t want to worsen my problem.
Thanks for your help.
asked Feb 14, 2018 in Legal advice by Jason246 | 2,224 views

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You don't need visa or resident permit to get marry in poland.  First how can you travel to poland without visa but eventually you manage to get there successful but were you will have Probleme is bachelor certificat. City like opole does not recognized nigeria bachelor certificate that you bring from nigeria.  They need bachelor certificat. Passport.  Birth certificat.  And it must be in polnisch language  . I will not advice you to translate it here in germany do it over there is not costly. When you do it here in germany. They will translate first to German language. To polnisch language.  English-Deutsch-polnisch.  They will reject it. They need English-polnische  because they rejected my own translated document.
Second problem if you are lucky they accept your bachelor certificat but if they rejecte they will tell you to go court to apply for it that time you need visa /resident permit  or you can apply it in Warschau without resident permit which takes 6 months to be out but no guarantee.  Am still on the process right now. I only tell you my past experiences
answered Nov 12, 2020 by Gentle james
Your information was helpful, I need a guide because, I’m about starting may marriage process, I’m a Nigerian and I want to get married to my Polish girlfriend. I hope to contact you directly
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Hello @Jason246

As an asylum seeker you are not allowed to leave Germany for the duration of your asylum procedure. If you get a residence permit for Germany you will also receive a blue passport that allows you to travel visa-free to a lot of European countries including Poland.

So, as a refugee (not an asylum seeker) you can marry in Poland if you fulfil all the requirements. It can be that you need a special visa to enter Poland if you want to marry there. I don’t know about the exact ruling, so probably it’s best that you get in touch with Polish authorities once you are allowed to travel.

Best regards,
answered Feb 14, 2018 by Thor
Hi Thor. Thanks for your message. I wanted to be sure if I will be able to get married in Poland without me having a visa/resident permit to be in Poland?

I have visited my girlfriend in Poland in November 2017. And we thought it will be easier and faster to get married in Poland but I need to be sure if I can without visa or residence permit. I only have my country’s passport and other documents .
But you are an asylum seeker in the asylum procedure, right? That means that you can't go to Poland anyway because you are obliged to stay in Germany until further notice. Maybe you can ask Ausländerbehörde for an exceptional permission.
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Yes I am. My social told me I don’t need resident/visa to get married in Poland but he’s not sure. He also said me going to Poland is at my own risk.

So I’m thinking to go to Poland for the wedding that’s when I’m sure I don’t need resident permit/visa to get married in Poland . Or I begin a process of having the wedding done here in Germany just that I am afraid to give in my passport in Germany as that may effect my Deportation as my asylum claim as not been decided yet .
answered Feb 14, 2018 by Jason246
I think your social worker is right: You probably don't need a residence permit (at least I haven't about any rule like that) and no visa. But as I said, you should get in contact with Polish authorities (for example the registry office) to find out about the law in detail. Going to Poland is at your own risk because (as I said above) technically you are not allowed to leave Germany. You might not get caught, but if it happens you are in trouble.
Of course you can try to marry in Germany as well. Handing in your passport only gets risky in case Ausländerbehörde wants to deport you after a negative decision on your asylum application. You won't get deported before the end of your asylum procedure just by giving them your passport. But of course I understand your concerns: once they have the passport it's way easier to deport you in case you don't get refugee protection
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Yea. My girlfriend called the registry office she said they said I only need passport, birth certificate and letter of impediment that I’ve never been married. Thanks for your time and advice Thor.
answered Feb 14, 2018 by Jason246
You're welcome :)
Hi, have you been able to marry in Poland?
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Hello Thor. Sorry to border you again.
Please as an asylum seeker in Germany, can I and my girlfriend apply for any form of visa or travel card for me to be able to enter Poland for the purpose of getting married ?? Thank you.
answered Feb 14, 2018 by Jason246
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