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Something about you: I am a Nigeria living under assylum in germany. My girlfriend is a poland but she live in germany.  Few days ago we travel by car to poland to submit some document they required for civil marriage. Unfortunately my bachelor certificate which i bring from Nigeria is not accepted and they ask me to apply at court in Warschau which i was told it take long time . My girlfriend took me to lawyer and lawyer told me is very Simple for him to apply at the city opole only thing i need is to get Resident *Anmeldung ) she took me to the office to make my address im her house unfortunately the office ask me my passport but no visa on time they ask me to get visa first and come.   Now i don,t no what to do and she is comfussed and i don,t no how i can get visa to poland.  My plan is to register assylum there i don,t no it will be easier us to get marry

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