I am a rejected asylum seeker in Germany. I have a polish woman that has been living in Germany for 24 years now,  we  love to marry but marriage law in Germany is difficult, is it possible to get married to my polish woman in Polish embassy in Germany? I need advice please
asked Jan 28, 2018 in Legal advice by felise123

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Hello @felise123

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Have you tried to get in contact with the Polish embassy yet? If there is someone that can give you legally binding information concerning this topic it’s them.

They only piece of information that I could find in this regard is from the website of the Polish embassy in Tel Aviv:

“Only Polish citizens have a right to get married by a Polish Consul. Both women and men have to possess valid Polish passports.”

Source: http://www.telawiw.msz.gov.pl/en/consular_information/malzenstwo/

But I don’t know in how far that is the general policy of Polish authorities or if it is just a special ruling for Israel. I can tell you that it’s not possible for German citizens to get married at a German embassy abroad in general - so there might be a similar rule for Polish institutions. Anyway, I’d recommend you to get in touch with the Polish embassy to find out.

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answered Jan 29, 2018 by Thor
So is it possible to get married to her in Germany? You know I have 2 negative decisiona but I have appealed again. She is ready to get married to me. We love each other. I have all the documents needed to get married in Germany but my problem is fear of deportation by Germany authority since I have negative decision and I will be giving them mthe Nigeria passport for the marriage, is there hope ?
Hello @David123 - Yes, in theory it's possible for you to marry in Germany. But please keep in mind the answer that I provided in this thread: https://www.wefugees.de/k/questions/2432 Your concerns are justified because handing in your passport is a risk especially if you' ve already been rejected. On the other hand you say that you have all the required documents. If you go to Standesamt and arrange a date for marriage with them then this might be sufficient to suspend deportation. But this only works if marriage is going to take place soon - otherwise authorities might still deport you.
Since I’m not familiar with the details of your case I’d highly recommend you to get in touch with a counselling center or a lawyer that is experienced with cases like yours. They can probably give you more precise advice on what to do next. I don’t feel competent enough to give you clear instructions. I’m sorry but I hope that everything turns out well for you two. Best regards, Thorgen
But if I submit all the documents they need for the marriage without delay time will they suspend deportation in regard to my marriage with my polish woman in Germany ?
@David123 As I said, I'm not experienced enough with this type of case to give you information on how exactly it works. I highly recommend you to contact a counselling center or a lawyer that can take a look at your case in detail.
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