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Hey there!

 my fiancĂ© is from Afghanistan, he is not anymore a refugee seeker, so he should not be anymore in this country (Austria). He is living illegal in Austria and we want to get married, btw I am a spanish citizen.

My question is : HOW he apply for a tourist visa for getting married in the EU if he is not in Afghanistan?

 If he go to a european embassy for example German embassy or Danish embassy to apply for a visa he will be asked that how is this possible he is in Austria... and if he have a visa for Austria he can travell to every Schengen countries...  

How it is the situation getting married in a non EU country for example Albania or Kosovo? how he get then a visa for those countries being illegal in Austria?

thansk in advance  i hope someone answer me fast i am getting crazy!!
asked Sep 12 in Legal advice by heidideloscampos (140 points)

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There is no way your partner can Apply for visit visa be living illegal in country, he or she must go back to Afghanistan and apply from there

answered 6 days ago by Kevinreed00131 (860 points)
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