Greetings everyone here, me and my fiance got rejected one year ago but now we have a baby and we where ask to make Asylum application for our son please can you tell me how it works perfectly because i don't want my to get rejected like me and his mummy and they also ask us to come for interview for our child we don't know what to do about it and what to tell at BMF, please help me with solution.
asked Aug 23, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Abdulafiz | 1,398 views
Hello Abdulafiz, I guess you see a lawyer because that will be the only to help you out. They know more about cases like that. I means immigration ( asyl)  lawyer. Thanks
Thank for advice am grateful.
Hi! I think the baby’s case will be fixed wether to your asyl case oder to mothers asyl case if you both are still asyls. No other ways but the experts will answer your question better.
Good luck

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Hello @Abdulafiz

Nice to hear from you again.

As Denny28 and Guly already pointed out, it always makes sense to consult a lawyer or a counselling center in cases like yours, when there is a lot at stake. If you tell us where you live we can help you to do research about adresses that you can go to in order to get legal support and/or advice.

Apart from that I will link @WKZB1 who will take a **** at your question next Wednesday.

Best regards,


answered Aug 24, 2018 by Thor
I live in München places give me address that i can go too.
The Flüchtlingsrat Bayern recommends to get in contact with "Infobus for refugees". Please find the dates and adresses following this link: ****://muenchner-fluechtlingsrat.de/en/5084-2/

Apart from that, Flüchtlingsrat München offers counselling every day from 10-12 o'clock at Goethestraße 53. For more information, please check out this link: ****://muenchner-fluechtlingsrat.de/en/consultation/
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Dear @Abdulafiz, To avoid that the same asylum reasons apply to your child as to you both, you must state individual asylum reasons for your child. As Denny28, Guly and Thor have already pointed out, you should consult an advice centre before you go to BAMF for the interview. Best regards WKZB1
answered Aug 28, 2018 by WKZB1
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