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I'm from Nigeria and have been in Europe since 2013 my asylum was rejected in Italy  twice and I have a child with a British citizen but the child was born in the UK but my names are on the birth certificate.  And she is pregnant again and now I'm an asylum in germany and I want her to come give birth here can I get my permit from that? I need an answer so fast because she is 6months pregnant already
asked Dec 19, 2017 in Legal advice by ERKHTS

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Hello @Yaba

Welcome to our community and thank you for your question!

First of all, unfortunately you will most likely not get a residence permit through your asylum application in Germany. In accordance with the so-called Dublin III regulation you can only apply for asylum in one EU country. In your case that’s Italy. German authorities will therefore refer you back to Italy.

You can try to get a residence permit through your partner though. She is a EU citizen. That’s why marrying her grants you a residence permit and the right to live/work everywhere in EU.

I’m not familiar with British authorities and procedures. Maybe your partner can try to get in contact with counselling centers to find out what options you have, for example concerning acknowledgement of paternity and child custody. In Germany that’s a way to obtain a residence permit for non-married partners. There might be similar (or other) options in the UK.

Best regards,
answered Dec 19, 2017 by Thor
Thank you so much I appreciate your reponse
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