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I am a female from Pakistan and in asylum process (appeal in court). but now I am pregnant with child of my German boy friend. I cannot marry him because some documents required for marriage from me cant be provided.  My boy friend is definitely going to give name to the child. However, I am going through so much stress because:
1: what will happen in court rejects my appeal?
2: If they deport me to Pakistan, will the authorties take away child from me?
3: How can authorties deport me knowing that I will be killed because of having child outside marriage and that too with a non muslim and foreigner.
4: what will be nationality of my child?

what is my situation going to be like?
asked Jun 21, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by asylee
Hello @asylee - Welcome to the Wefugees community. I will link @WKZB1 - He will take a look at your question next Wednesday. Best regards, Thorgen

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Dear @Asylee,

It is absolutely essential that your German friend acknowledges his paternity to the common child. This can be done either at a notary or at the youth welfare office at your place of residence. The declaration of joint parental responsibility should also be made when the recognition of paternity is recorded. With the acknowledgement of paternity your friend can be officially registered as the father of your child in the birth certificate after you give birth to your child. As a child of a German father, your child will also have the German citizenship. As a mother entitled to custody of a German minor child, you can receive a residence permit for Germany.

Best regards


answered Jul 4, 2018 by WKZB1
selected Jul 4, 2018 by asylee
Thank you for answering. What happens if for some reason the biological father refuses to give his name to child?
Dear @Asylee, If the father refuse to recognise the child voluntarily, the determination of his paternity can be applied for at the competent family court. The family court will order the obtaining of an expert opinion on parentage and will decide on the result of this opinion on the application. If the family court establishes your friend's paternity, he will be entered in the birth certificate as the father of the child who therefore will have the German citisenship. For this application at the family court, you should engage a lawyer. Best regards WKZB1
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