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1. Can I marry my German girlfriend in Germany?

We already submitted marriage documents to standasämt in June 2018, I’m worried they might fast-track my asylum application and Deport now they have my passport.

I have not been given decision on my asylum application yet.

2. Can the German immigration refuse to issue resident permit because of a Train fine/Straffe??

asked Aug 10, 2018 in Legal advice by @markNiv

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Hello @markNiv

Nice to hear from you again.

1) There is indeed a risk to get deported if your asylum procedure ends with a negative result since authorities already have your passport. They need it in order to send you back to your home country. But this won't happen before you receive a decision by BAMF. Even it turns out to be a rejection you can still file an appeal which gives you a little more time to marry.

Also, after all your documents have been checked by Standesamt and a wedding date has been set (in other words: when your wedding is imminent), it's not lawful for Ausländerbehörde to deport you anymore (in accordance with AufenthG §60a (2):

2) It is possible for German authorities to refuse to give you a residence permit if you for example commited a severe crime or if you are a danger for the security of German society or the German state (--> But a fine for fare evasion shouldn't be a problem.

Best regards,


answered Aug 13, 2018 by Thor
How to know if youba danger to the German community? Does your asylum reasons apply also to your consideration in the German sorciety? For instance a war participant?? Please I need clarification on this. Because I fled my country because of civil crises in which I actively took part. Does it mean I will also be considered as a danger to the German society??
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