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I have 3 months Advice as an asylum seeker here in germany can i go with my german fiancee to Denmark to get married? Is it possible and how can i go about it? What do i need to do first? Do I need a lawyer first?
asked Sep 8, 2018 in Legal advice by Marviswhite

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Hi @Marviswhite, i'm sorry according to Danish Marriage law Asylum Seekers in EU countries aren't allowed to Marry in Denmark. only if you are already a recognised Refugee with Valid Travel Document and Residence Permits or if you should have a valid Schengen Visa, or normal Residence Permits in a EU Country then you can travel Legally to Denmark and get Married there.
answered Sep 8, 2018 by Nelly Overcomer
Hi nelly , i see in your question that you have similar problem to what i currently facing now , please i need an advice on how you go about wedding in denmark , please write back your email for me , so i can get in torch with you , i hope to hear back from you soon , thanks
Am in too brothers my German girlfriend and I are talking about this everyday. My asylum situation is getting complicated so much that we fear a deportion and we have been living now for a year but without the bamf knowing it, and now we are planning on going to Denmark for a wedding because here I have no papers to prove my nationality and with the fear of being deported even to my country of origin after provision of identified documents. Please contact me via for more ideas.
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