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I have 3 months Advice as an asylum seeker here in germany can i go with my german fiancee to Denmark to get married? Is it possible and how can i go about it? What do i need to do first? Do I need a lawyer first?
asked Sep 8, 2018 in Legal advice by Marviswhite

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Hi @Marviswhite, i'm sorry according to Danish Marriage law Asylum Seekers in EU countries aren't allowed to Marry in Denmark. only if you are already a recognised Refugee with Valid Travel Document and Residence Permits or if you should have a valid Schengen Visa, or normal Residence Permits in a EU Country then you can travel Legally to Denmark and get Married there.
answered Sep 8, 2018 by Nelly Overcomer
Hi nelly , i see in your question that you have similar problem to what i currently facing now , please i need an advice on how you go about wedding in denmark , please write back your email for me , so i can get in torch with you , i hope to hear back from you soon , thanks
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