Hallo, as an asylum-seeker in Germany, i would like to know if there is any chance to be able to marry a Dutch woman, she of course is living in Holland...

my application was rejected but as a lawyer said it is a simple-rejection and now i am still in Germany legally and have my document and waiting to get accepted hopefully...

I am 23 years old, I came from Iraq and things are complicated as I don't have Iraqi passport but I do have my Original Iraqi ID with me, I been here in Germany since December of 2015...

So my questions are...
Is there any way to visit holland legally for the marriage?

Is it even possible to get married without having Iraqi passport?

What are the MOST-HAVE documents to get married to EU citizens in Germany?

Will it be easier to get this done on her side, in her country what are the things that she can help with?

Will it be easier if she comes here to marry me and live in Germany or again getting married in Germany then together moving to and live in Holland or going to Holland and getting married in there?

Please help, tell me if there is any possible way to marry her, and if anything is unclear ask me for more informations..

Can I get An Iraqi Passport Without Going Back To Iraq?

And thanks alot, really great stuff  :)
asked Sep 3, 2017 in Legal advice by PeaceMaker | 1,979 views

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Hello @PeaceMaker

Welcome to our community!

Broadly speaking you need to provide a document that proves your identity (an ID, a passport etc.) if you want to get married in Germany. Ask your competent Standesamt for a list of documents they need because it might vary depending on your location. Ususally the list contains said ID/passport, a certificate of birth, a registration card and (sometimes) a certificate of no impendiment. But I would recommend to explicitly ask if your ID is enough or if they need other documents.

You said that you are still in the aslum process. Do you have a "Residenzpflicht"? If so, then you are not allowed to go to the Netherlands (you can apply at BAMF for a permission to travel, but you need to provide some good reasons for that). It's probably easier for her to come over and get married to you here in Germany.
Once again: get in contact with your Standesamt to ask them which documents she needs to provide in this case.

We had a couple of similar questions here on the platform recently. Check out these links for further information:



I hope this answer was helpful to you. Feel free to ask further questions if anything remained unclear!

Best regards,
answered Sep 4, 2017 by Thor
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