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I have all other documents which are required to marry in Denmark.
Please Answer briefly.
asked Nov 20, 2017 in Legal advice by mhgujar
I have applied asylum in italy.

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Hello @mhgujar - welcome to our community and thank you for the question. I think we need a little more information about your case in order to give you advice though ;) What exactly do you need help with?

You said that you got all the required documents. Probably it’s best to get in contact with Danish officials (like the competent registry office) to get detailed first-hand information about the proceeding then.

I found this website that gives an overview of the requirements to get married in Denmark:

It says that asylum seekers are not allowed to marry over there. So what status do you have? Is the “asilo permesso di soggiorno” a refugee status or are you still in the asylum process?

Best regards,
answered Nov 23, 2017 by Thor
Thanks Thorgen for reply,
Ja,i have One year permisso di sigorno and Carta di Identatia,and Passport.i have listen that with these Documents i can travel legally  with in EU.
ja i have Asylum status in italy bit i have applyed asylum in Denmark.
So if i can travel to denmatk then might be could i marry there also.

I am not sure thats way i put this Question in this Forum.

Pls check it and reply me.

Sorry i mistaken above and wrote that i have applied asylam in denmark.
Actully i have not applied asylum in denmark but only in italy..
Hello @mhgujar - You are right, if you are a fully recognized refugee with a valid passport, then you can travel visa-free within most European countries (including Denmark). Check out this thread for further information:
As I said in my initial answer it’s probably best to get first-hand information about marriage in Denmark by a Danish registry office. They can tell you exactly how and under which circumstances you can marry over there. If you tell us in which Danish city you want to get married we can try to help you to find out what registry office is going to be responsible for your case. Best regards, Thorgen
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