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I'm asylum in Denmark and my fiancee is residence in Germany last year I came to Germany and I did asylum there. We would get married there but because we haven't all the our document's (birthday certificate)  we couldn't, and about 7 months ago Germany government send me back to Denmark because I have finger print here.
We bring our birthday certificate and all documents and we tried to get married in Denmark but Denmark rolls don't give us permission for it.
I will ask what should we do?
It's possible I coming again to Germany and trying to get married there?
We are in bad situation anyone can help please do it.
Best regards
asked Jan 11, 2018 in Legal advice by Begood

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2 Answers

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Hello @Begood

Welcome to our community and thank you for your question!

May I ask a few questions first in order to get a better overview of the situation: You are an acknowledged refugee in Denmark, or are you still an asylum seeker in the process? And were there any other reasons for that you couldn't marry in Germany except for not having all the required documents?

To answer your question:

If you are allowed to travel you can also marry in Germany. To do so, you have to get in contact with the competent registry office ("Standesamt") in your fiancé's city. Ask them what documents you need to provide (usually: passport, certificate of birth and certificate of no impediment) and if there are other requirements that you need to fulfill. They will give you detailed information about your specific case.

Best regards,
answered Jan 11, 2018 by Thor
And yes the only reason for we couldn't get married that time was the documents
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Hi dear @Thorgan  
Actually I'm asylum seeker in the process.
I'm not allowed to travel.  I will come to Germany and make request for asylum seeker and in the this time we trying to get married. What you think about it?
answered Jan 11, 2018 by Begood
Hello @Begood - to be honest, I doubt that this is going to work :/ Getting married takes a while (e.g. you need to gather all the required documents etc.). In the meantime German authorities might already send you back to Denmark again. And it might cause additional trouble for you to get caught traveling.
May I ask why exactly you were not able to marry in Denmark - what reasons did they tell you to justify their decision? Best regards, Thorgen
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