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Hey , My name is Ivan and I live in Denmark and am an asylum seeker but my girlfriend lives in Germany and we want to get married in Germany but I was wondering whether it's possible for us to get married in Germany while my asylum case is being processed? We've been together for one year now . Need help
asked Sep 22, 2017 in Legal advice by Hazel

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Hello @Hazel

Welcome to our community!

As I am not familiar with the Danish asylum procedure, I have to rely on my research in this case:

As far as I found out you are obliged to live in a reception center and later on (while your case is being processed) in an accommodation center. Since you said that you are still in the asylum process I assume that you are in an accommodation center at the moment, right?

Can you tell us what type of documents you have right now? Maybe it says something written on it concerning your rights to travel or obligations to stay in a certain place (like an accommodation center). If you tell me I can try to do some further research about it.

In the meantime here are some other ideas that came to my mind:

Maybe you can try to get a travel permission by your competent aliens department if your current documents don't allow you to travel abroad.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your girlfriend is German and therefore it's easier for her to travel to Denmark than vice versa. If it's hard for you to come to Germany maybe you two should consider to get married in Denmark. Or are there concrete reasons why you want to marry in Germany?

If all the options above fail, you can still wait for your case to be decided, since you will receive a passport along with your refugee status. If you got a high chance of getting asylum that would be the most convenient way since you just have to wait, but it will take longer of course.

I hope this answer was helpful to you!

Best regards,
answered Sep 26, 2017 by Thor
Hey Thorgen, thanks for your input.

Right now I live in an asylum center and my am allowed to stay in Denmark as long as my case is being processed. But I don't know about traveling , before we could travel but now with border control I don't know but I've traveled to Germany visiting my gf but now I've not done it in a while . Me and my gf wanted to get Married in Germany coz she wants me to stay there with her . I just don't know whether it's possible to get married in Germany while having a case in Denmark .
Hey @Hazel - I could imagine that asylum seekers are not allowed to travel. At least that's how it works in Germany, but once again: Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Danish law :/ Thus I don’t know whether you can get married to your fiancé in Germany or not. You probably have to get in contact with Danish authorities to find out if it’s possible or you can try to get in touch with Danish social workers or organisations that are more familiar with the legal framework than me. Best, Thorgen
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