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I m back . As I told you before that I have registered asylfolgeantrag . That time the judge told me that you have to wait for the answer that we start your new asylum or not . But yesterday I got a letter from government about new appointment. They invited me again

What does it mean ? Why they invited me again 

On this letter title is ( Antrag auf Durchführung eines weiteren Verfahren )

Zu dem vorbezeichneten Asylantrag Ihrer Mandantschaft ist zur Prüfung, ob ein weiteres Asylverfahren durchzuführen ist, folgender Termin zur persönlichen Befragung anberaumt worden:

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Hello @Zichako

Nice to hear from you again.

The letter says that they have to talk to you in person before they decide whether to grant you a second procedure or not. They probably need more information which is why they invited you for another interview.

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