I ive here in Germany please I just want to ask you iam waiting an answer for pmf I waited for 6 months then I got paper from pmf and they wrote this article 71 a asylg I didn't understood I went to my lowyer he said  to me  it's not answer wait it but I had that time  aufenthgesstatung but now I got a duldung what does it mean  thanks
asked Apr 12, 2020 in Legal advice by Gabriel da

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§ 71a  AsylG means that you have already been applied for asylum in another safe third country (Sicherer Drittstaat). This was rejected there. Now you have submitted a new application in Germany. This is then referred to as a "Zweitantrag". Without knowing what's in the letter, I can't say much. However, it may be that the Bamf rejected your asylum application ... To say more, I would have to know what was in the letter from the Bamf.
answered Apr 13, 2020 by Juana Steberl
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