I'm Hamza from Syria
I did my interview from 25th of February 2015
That means from one year and 7 months and they didn't send me any decision neither accepting nor rejection
I went to Caritas and they called Bundesamt
The Bundesamt said that my file  was not processed from May 2015
I thought they will start processing it but I was surprised when I come back to Caritas to call them again and the answer was that I must wait
I really don't how many years must I wait to send me a decision
Please I want a solution
I'm very tired and i can't concentrate in my life and my patience ran out
asked Oct 6, 2016 in Asylum proceedings by Mizo | 1,130 views
Hello Hamza, really sorry to hear this. My friend from Syria is in a similar situation (arrived June 2015 and still no answer from BAMF). He has tried getting help from a lawyer but one just took his money (might have been a scam so watch out for that ), and another one who seemed good but said he just has to wait. We have written countless letters too but nothing seems to work. It is very painful but he has managed to find a praktikum (internship) and works hard -which keeps his mind off it a bit. If you want to chat to me on Facebook send a message. I cannot sadly get you a decision on BAMF but maybe we can come up with a plan to help you get through this difficult time. It is understandable the way you are feeling so I wish you strength and hope and for an answer soon.  Best wishes, Katie

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Hello Mizo,
This is really a long time you have been waiting for an answer from BAMF.
I can imagine how frustrating and blocking the effects of this lack of response must be for you.
The only additional advice i can give you, if you want to speed up the process, is to get into offensive to the BAMF. There is always the possibility to sue the BAMF because they did not send you any response until now.
I am not a lawyer. But in your case the time span that passed since your interview is unbearable. A court case would bring more pressure on the BAMF in this case, but of course bears the risk of additional costs for you!

It seems to be the outcome of such a lawsuit, that the BAMF is not
convicted but, that the court sends an official question to them when to expect a decision, which taken alone, often speeds up the process.
If you want to go the legal way you should contact the Flüchtlingsrat in
your federal country and ask them about their experience and for advice.

We already covered the topic here:

All the best
answered Oct 7, 2016 by Danny
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