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Hi, I am a Syrian refugee, I've been here in Germany since two and half years now, I have done my second interview since 6 months and still no body contacted me about the residence permit, all my family have got it since a year ago, except me and my sister who wasn't even invited to the second interview yet, I am worried that they have forgotten about us or something, is there any way to remind the BMAF that we exist and ask about what's going on?
asked Mar 30, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Bebe
retagged Apr 3, 2018

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Hello @Bebe

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They probably haven't forgotten about you, but they are quite busy. It is possible to "force" them to process your case especially if you have been waiting for a decision for a long time. Check out Marcel's answer in this thread:

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answered Apr 3, 2018 by Thor
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