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First of all thanks to the people who has come up with this idea to provide a path to bring all people together. I from Afghanistan I have came to Germany with my family and we are living here since August 2015 and My question is we still do not receive any information about our interview even the first, we are about 10 months in Germany and i have asked money times from the Landratsamt for interview date but there is no answer, what is the solution and what should we do ????
 I need the answer ASAP.

Thank You
asked Jun 8, 2016 in Asylum proceedings by Milad

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Hi Milad,

Welcome to the forum!! We are happy to see you here :)

I used the "search" function to look for similar questions that people have asked here - unfortunately this is a fairly common situation. Waiting a year or even more does not mean that there is something "wrong" with your case or that the interview will never come.

Where are you living right now exactly? I can help find organizations in your area that may have a better idea about what the government officials are having to handle there right now.
answered Jun 8, 2016 by julia.d
I am still waiting
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Hello Milad,

One option would be to sue the BAMF because of inactivity.
There is at least one case in the media of someone from Sudan who sucesfully did this, because he waited 16 months already - which was not acceptable in the eyes of the court.
More and more people are chosing this way, because of the long time which has passed already.
In the meanwhile in Düsseldorf's admininistrative court it seems to be sufficient to state at the Rechtsantragsstelle, that you are planning to sue the BAMF.
Your name would be set on the list and passed to the BAMF. In such cases it is said that the process has been sped-up, because the BAMF tries to avoid the costs of a legal process. But it does not mean that you get a positive reply in the end.

This is all just info I caught up from the media. Neither do I know the rate of success in your case, nor which would be the responsable administrative court for you.
If you think about going this way, I would recommend to consult a lawyer near your place.

Here are the articles I found on the web (only German):

answered Jul 29, 2016 by Danny
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