Hello guys.
Im from Syria.
I live in Rheinland-Pfalz State - Mainz, Since 9 months without interview.
What can or should i do?

The "bundesamt für migration und flüchtlinge" Responsible Me is "Trier".

Thank you Wefugees Community :)
asked Aug 9, 2016 in Asylum proceedings by Odai

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3 Answers

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Hello Odai,

ask PRO ASYL Frankfurt service hotline for help before you contact a lawyer, it's cheaper and they are experienced in such cases as yours. if really needed support staff can probably recommend a specialized lawyer in your neighbourhood:

Phone: +49 (0) 69 - 24 2314 20
Mo - Fr, 10 - 12 h and 14 - 16 h
WWW PRO ASYL: http://bit.ly/2azYIK7

Good luck, Jan
answered Aug 10, 2016 by Jan
Hi Jan,
the link to the facebook account does not look helpfull at all. It has no official status and the only person who is sending posts is someone who works for Deutsche Bahn. This is obviously some misleading joke/ fake with no info.
The official contact info for BAMF Trier is:
Dasbachstraße 15 b
54292 Trier, Rheinland-Pfalz
Telefon: 0651 1463-0
Best regards
Apologies for the ugly format of my answer. I do not know how to insert "new line" in my browser.
Thanks for your hint Danny, I will correct my posting.
@Odai: In addition to Danny‘s posting: You can send a mail to BAMF Trier: TRI-Posteingang@bamf.bund.de
Thank you guys i will try to send an e-mail i hope that work

You best helpful team
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Wow, 9 months is extremely long.
When exactly did you request asylum?

Odai, you should really contact a lawyer. It might help to initiate an "Untätigkeitsklage", a way to force the administration to act on your case.

Maybe Caritas, a NGO, can help.
Here is the link to their department in Trier.

This is a link to the law, unfortunately in German, that will apply to your case.


I really hope you can get the process moving again. 9 Months is way longer than it should to grand you your interview.

Best wishes,
answered Aug 9, 2016 by Leo
Thank you soo much i will wait until septumber finish after that i will think about lawyer :)
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I heard one news that BAMF want to finish all cases within this year.
answered Aug 16, 2016 by Don’t Know
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