How long it will take for Ausländerbehörde  reply your lawyer
asked Jul 31, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Kwame | 5,847 views

Hello @Kwame - Nice to hear from you again. Could you please clarify what exactly you need to know? What answer/decision by Ausländerbehörde are you waiting for? We just need a little more background information in order to help you. Best regards, Thorgen

yes my lawyer wrote to them abut three weeks ago  he is not hear anything from them so how long it take  from them  to reply  thank you so much
And  i need good lawyer in mochengladbach
How can that be possible that Ausländerbehörde  can tell you that go to your country for visa  to come for your baby after your have submit vaterschft,  birth certificate  also your name is inside  and you do  sorgeerklärung  how possible they can tell you to go to your country for visa

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Hello @Kwame

Thank you for clarifying the matter.

German bureaucracy is not the fastest. Sometimes you have to be patient waiting for a reply. It's probably best to rely on your lawyer in this case as he is probably experienced with situations like that. It is possible to file an action against authorities if they are taking to long to process your case, but that's only possible after 3 months or more.

If you want to search for a different lawyer you can use search engines and set the filters to your needs. For example this one:


I searched for lawyers in Mönchengladbach that are specialized in asylum and migration law. These are the two results that I found:



Best regards,


answered Aug 3, 2018 by Thor
Thank u so much Mr Thor
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file an action against them
answered Oct 28, 2018 by christianowusu
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