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Something about you: I have a german child and have sign a vaterschaft and have birth certificate but no custody and recently I have another  child with Africa woman who have residence permit and my child also have got Abs 33 residence permit and she gave me custody and vaterschaft with  birth certificate.

Still the Auslanderbehorde don't want to give my stay for the pass 2 years now and my lawyer is upset  and he want to sue them in court because he told me that the only options to have my stay. Since I have evidence of train ticket that I use to visit my first child every monthly.
Am asking in German law when Auslanderbehorde refuse to give you your right of permit can you sue them and will the court favour you as a  Ghanaian foreigner haven duldung for 2 years now with 2 kids whom have stay in Germany  Deutcher child and foriengn child with stay.

Please I need good answer.
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