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Dear all

My friend came from Afghanistan to Germany for  a conference and he got visa for 4 days and he have serious problem in Afghanistan and he is not able to go back in Afghanistan, he would like to apply for asylum and he have some question if you can answer that please ASAP.

  1. If he need to apply for asylum as soon as possible? Or he need to wait to expire his visa and then apply for asylum?
  2. He don’t know should he submit his passport to immigration agency? Because he scared to send him back to Afghanistan?
  3. If he submit his passport to immigration agency, is immigration going to process his asylum for international  protection or directly send him back to home country?
  4. When he applied for asylum, immigration is going to take interview in same day when he go for his asylum fingerprint?
asked Oct 11, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by khanjanbanjan

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Dear @khanjanbanjan

welcome to our community and thank you for sharing the questions with us. 

As for your questions: 

1. He can apply at any point for asylum, omce he applies for asylum he looses the visa and the rights that comes with that. 

2. Whether he should submit his passport or not cannot be answered by us as we do not know the exact the situation he hisfleeing from in Afghanistan, but in general you are legally oblied to submit your identity documents if you have them. If not at the start of the procedure then at later stage. 

3. No even if he submits his passport they will have to process his claim and check if his claim is rightful and he should be granted protection or not. 

4. Usually when he applies they first register his claim and only couple of days later he gets an interview but this differs from BAMF brach to BAMF branch. 

I hope we could assist you, if you have further queston please feel free to use the platform. 

Best regards, 


answered Oct 12, 2018 by Nilab
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