asked Jul 29, 2018 in Legal advice by Asim9091

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Hello @Asim9091

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Unfortunately, it's not unusual that BAMF takes a while to process your asylum application. You have to be patient.

However, you can file an action for failure to act ("Untätigkeitsklage") which forces them to process your case. This makes sense if you've been waiting for a reaction by BAMF for 3 months (or longer). We had a question about a similar topic here on Wefugees in the past. Please check out the information in this thread:

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answered Jul 30, 2018 by Thor
Thank you for your response but the major question is that can you guide me how I can bring her to germany? Can I ask for help from BAMF or Caritas? Is there any possibility I can bring her even if I don’t get a response
Thanks for clarifying the matter. It is possible to bring close relatives to Germany (spouses or underage children). In your case however, it's more complicated because a) you are still in the asylum procedure and b) you were not married to her yet when you applied for asylum. In order to be eligible for family reunion with your future wife, you have to hold a residence permit for two years (or more).
Thank you for the response! But is there any way I can request the BAMF or any personnel to help me because to be honest she is suffering a lot back home and now her parents are forcing her to marry an old guy whom she doesn’t want to. If you could find a solution for me I woud really appreciate that as I am in a lot of stress due to this and need help
BAMF probably won't help you in this situation because they are only responsible to process your asylum procedure.

It's hard to bring someone to Germany from a non-EU country legally if you are not related to them. Unfortunately I can't really see a solution at the moment. Sorry for the bad news. Maybe someone else has an idea
If someone can please help me in this I would really appreciate he help. Or if there is any other way you can suggest
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