Hi team wefugees

i have a question i studied in Syria  dental technician
in Berlin i apply for my diploma recognition
i get these reply and i dont know its good or bad
with my little German can understand that is partial recognition
what can i do with this beschied
can i work or must study here on year or more
who can help me with that

best regards
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Hello @. firas
nice to hear from you again. If I remember correctly you are living in Berlin. I will link our experts from SoliNaR for Berlin related topics so that they can share their expertise with you. Or maybe they know contact information of people/organisations that can help you with your concern. @Malica @Jurij
Best regards,

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as you did already suppose, your diploma has been accepted as partially valid in Germany.
The document contains the decision, the explanation of the decision and instructions on right to appeal . You can file an objection to this decision within four weeks after having received the document.

You can contact specialists of 'Handwerkskammer Berlin' and ask for help: ****://tinyurl.***/yb84h42h. You have to type "Zahntechnik" into the second slot of the form and then click "Ansprechpartner finden".

See what the people of the job coaching project 'ARRIVED' can do for you. Contact
information (Source: ****://tinyurl.***/y7u9ts2m):

Svenja Rahf und Janek Debus
Tel.: +49 30 80 99 41 17/19
Mobil: 0159 03 51 31 38

More informations can be provided by the dental technician's guild in Berlin:
Contact information (Source: ****://tinyurl.***/yd7f9559)

Annett Zosel-Seeger
Obentrautstr. 16-18
10963 Berlin
Telefon: 030 / 393 50 36
Fax: 030 / 393 60 36
Homepage: ***.zibb.de
e-mail: zosel@zibb.de

Furthermore I would recommend an educational guidance at your local job center in Berlin.

Best regards
answered May 28, 2017 by Jan
Thank you for your answer @Jan
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