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I m back again . I have done asylfolgeantrag and the judge told me about all the law . He told me that my first Asyl is finished and this is second follow up application. So he told me that this file will register and till the BAMF will decide then we will start your new asylfolgeantrag or not .so till the BAMF answer I will keep the Duldung . So I started the interview and his first question was that . Do you have any prove then I said yes I have new prove which I have given and after this he asked me some question and then he told me suddenly that ‘ I want to give you the chance and we do not give the chance like this to somebody but I give you the chance because you have given me the proves so you will get the new appointment from BAMF for the new interview and bring all other medical paper also ‘ then I said to the judge that thank you very much .

My question is that I have still Aufenthaltgestattung so he told me in the interview that I give you the chance so will I still get the Duldung or Aufenthaltgestattung?

But I do not have from BAMF letter but in my interview papers that it written 

Dem Antragsteller wird gebeten, diesen Bericht zum Termin seiner informatorischen Anhörung mitzubringen

asked May 12 in Legal advice by Zichako (540 points)
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Hello @Zichako

An Aufenthaltsgestattung is a document that legalizes your stay for the duration of your asylum procedure. That's why you will keep it until a decision has been made on your Folgeantrag. Afterwards you might get a residence permit or a Duldung (depending on the outcome of your procedure of course).

Maybe @WKZB1 has something to add.

Best regards,


answered May 14 by Thor (56,410 points)
Dear @Zichako, dear @Thor, Here is nothing to add. @Zichako , you will keep the Aufenthaltsgestattung until BAMF makes it decision on your Asylfolgeantrag. Best regards WKZB1
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