I am back . When first time i went for asylfolgeantrag . They told me that you have to wait for your answer from BAMF . That we accept your folgeantrag or not . Then I got second interview ( folgeantrag weiter verfahren )

I went for this interview and they told me that I got the second chance in asylfolgeantrag so this is your second interview again from BAMF . I have given 3 hours interview. In the end they ask me from my doctor the medical report that I have one month for medical report and send us

Because I have problem of headache all the time .

So now I want to know that still I will keep Duldung because this folgeantrag interview I have given . Now I have to wait for decision. But what about my status ? I will have Aufenthaltgestattung or keep Duldung ?
asked Jul 2, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Zichako

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2 Answers

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Hello @Zichako

Nice to hear from you again.

Please keep in mind the answers/comments that you received on a similar question of yours:


Your asylum procedure is not finished yet, which is why you will keep Aufenthaltsgestattung till the end of it. Afterwards (and depending on the outcome of the procedure) you will get a different status e.g. Duldung or a residence permit.

Best regards,


answered Jul 3, 2018 by Thor
Thank you for your answer .
As you told me that i will have to wait for my asylum procedure but my lawyer told me that i will keep Duldung and second asylfolgeantrag interview has done but I have to wait for the BAMF answer . Why my lawyer said that i will keep Duldung not Aufenthaltgestattung
I'm sorry, but I can't tell you why you received two different answers. I can only refer to what I found out through my research, which our expert from Willkommenszentrum Berlin confirmed.
My first asylum was finished and I made second asylfolgeantrag. But they gave me chance . I have Duldung and I m waiting that when it will be change to Aufenthaltgestattung
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First  step they proof if they accept your Folgeantrag. Until here you have a Duldung

When they accept comes step2 and they proof your Asylfolgeantrag from this time they give you Aufenthaltsgestattung

step 3 waiting of the result :(
answered Jul 16, 2018 by Ria
Dear Thorgen,
I have the similar situation but there’s something which different than the Information another guy mentioned
His alone but I am living with my mother
She 69 year old with serious heart and health problems
 Let’s I explain about me
When I re applied for asylum
My interview was also around three hours
They only invited me for the interview not my mother
After my interview in some days
My mother received a refugee documents for three years
But today I have been contacted Ausländerbehorde
They wrote me this in reply to my email.

You have submitted a new asylum application!

You already had an "Aufenthaltsgestattung" in the past.

Ths document looks a bit like a "Duldung".

So what should I have to do
An appeal against this decision
Or it’s something
Like they reopened my case and I have to wait for the last decision
Thank you very much!
In advance

Kind regards.
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