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My aufenthaltsgestattung expiring on 2020 February but tomorrow I have Erteilung einer Duldung Termin. what is the reason.I habe Dublin decision. Is ot because that or is it for Deportation
asked Dec 19, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Dcooper

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Dear @Dcooper,

thanks for contacting the wefugees community!

You received a so called Dublin-Decision, that is the BAMF found out that another country is responsible for your asylum process. So from the time this decision becomes final you are obiligated to leave Germany. People who are obligated to leave Germany have a "Duldung" instead of a Aufenthaltsgestattung. This is why the foreigners authority wants to change your documents. This is not saying that they will deport you directly, but of course it is their job to try. Unfortunately I cannot tell you, what will happen in your case. What I can say, that in many cases deportations to Dublin-states don't happen. Either because german authorities don't have enough staff or because the other country doesn't support the deportation process. Anyway, Germany has only six months to deport you to the other country. If they don't make it, Germany becomes responsible for your case.

I hope I could answer your question. 

Kind regards


Note: This is a general information and cannot replace qualified legal advice.

Please feel free to contact me again. My name is Ruth and I am a professional refugee advisor.  In case you need a confidential consultation you can write me via the app ‘mbeon’, which provides advice for adult immigrants in Germany. Download the app at Google Play or  App Store and get in touch with me or 160 other migration advisors. It's free of charge, anonymous, data secure and you can get advice in 15 different languages. Find more information here:

answered Dec 20, 2019 by mbeon-Ruth
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Dear Ruth,

Appreciate your prompt response.

Today I went there and got "Aussetzung der Abschiebung (Dúldung)". Is there any possibility to work with this?
answered Dec 20, 2019 by Dcooper
Dear @Dcooper, yes, you can work with a Duldung, but there are certain conditions, under which you can be allowed to work. In short, it depends on the time you are in Germany, if you are still living in a camp (Landesunterkunft) and your country of origin (if you are from a safe country of origin, you are not allowed to work at all. These countries are Ghana, Senegal, Bosnien-Herzegowina, Albanien, Mazedonien, Serbien Kosovo, Montenegro). If you find a job you need to apply at the foreigners authority of your community for permission to work. But remember that this authority the the same authority whose job it is to deport you, so they are probably not very welcoming. The chance of getting the permission is probably higher once Germany has become responsible for your case. Kind regards Ruth
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