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My husband went to Germany and became a refugee there .However , I was able to go to Canada and get a permanent resident and now we want to live together in Canada how can we do that
asked Jun 20, 2018 in Legal advice by sama

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Hello @sama

If you have a permanent residence permit in Canada, you can bring your husband there through family reunification. The following website by the Canadian government gives an overview of the topic:

Keep in mind that you'll have to be able to cover the basic expenses for your partner and that you mustn't rely on social benefits. For a complete list of requirements, please check out this link:

As far as I can see, it also costs a few just to process family reunion. For detailed information I'd recommend to get in contact with the Canadian aliens department as they are the ones that can give you precise advice on the exact procedure and requirements. Maybe they can tell you about family reunification programmes for refugees that are less expensive.

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answered Jun 21, 2018 by Thor
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