i'm a refugee and i got my permission to stay and i'm under 18 ..
i'm in germany with my brother , and i want to bring my father and mother .. but i'm having a problem with how to bring them .. the website of the german embassy in beirut : (****://***.beirut.diplo.de/Vertretung/beirut/de/Startseite.html)
has only reunion requests for the (wife\husband and kids)
even though i've the right to bring my parents or at least to try
please if you can help how to fill a request to make an appointment at the embassy feel free to answer whatever the infos you have
thanks !
asked Jan 15, 2016 in Asylum proceedings by MoazSh | 651 views

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3 Answers

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Hello! Go to your 'Kreishaus' directly and ask it in 'Ausländerbehorde'. This office will help you to bring your parents, at least with the procedure!
answered Jan 18, 2016 by Don’t Know
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first of all: you can take the reunion requests for wife/husband/kids as well. I think there are no other ones. I did two sucessful family-reunions and always used this one.
For the requests you need all the dates and number from your parents passports. All this papers you bring to the Ausländerbehörde. The Ausländerbehörde gives their decicion to Beirut.
Meanwhile your parents also need an appointmet at the embassy in Beirut where they get the visum to travel in there passport. Sometimes its more easy to make the appointement directly in Beirut, not at the internet. When this is possible for your parents.

Feel free to ask all you have to know!!!! As I wrote I did the procedures already.
Lots of energy for you and your family!!!
answered Jan 25, 2016 by Kath
Hi Kath, thanks for your nice answer. Do you how long takes Ausländerbehorde to settle everything? My wife and son still is in Bangladesch. I gave interview to the Bundesamt already five months! But there's no update about my case.

Best wishes
Hi Monilink, unfortenatly its getting normal to wait months for the result of the interview. Countries like Syria and Irak has priority, as Bangladesh has wait even longer. I guess for procedure with the reunion and Ausländerbehörde it will be the same. To be honest it could be another year... Im sure you know that the Bundesamt and Ausländerbehörde have seriuos big problems in their procedures. You have the oppertunity to do a "Unterlassungsklage", therefor you need a lawer and the process costs like 500€. If you have a lawer ask for it, otherwith I would advise because its just to much money you ll probably need when you dont get the acception. Stay patient... Kath
Hi Kath, I am waiting herein Germany 20 months. I had a lawyer but recently he died. After that I talked to his colleague. My old lawyer told me that, if I am accepted then my family can come within three months. I wanted to live but without family how long a person can live? This is really inhuman! And Bundesamt killing me day by day. How long I can take patience? And think about my family also. I was the only income generating person in my family. But last two years I can't help them. How they can live?
Hi MoniLink, this is a tricky situation, but without a lawyer I don't see what to do. You can try to refer to be a hardship case: "Hardship Regulation

According to the hardship regulation provided by law people in a very tough situation may be granted a residence permit. The decision whether or whether not a single person or a family is acknowledged as a case of hardship lies in the hands of the Ministery of the Interior of each German state when asked by the Committee on Hardship Cases or the Committee on Petitions of the particular state. The procedure varies from state to state, and not in all of them exists such a thing as a Committee on Hardship Cases. In fact, so far the hardship regulation has been exerted in only a few cases". Source Link: ****://tinyurl.***/zykl4z3. Contact PRO ASYL, maybe they can advise you: ****://***.proasyl.de/en/contact/ Regards, Jan
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maybe they can advise you:
Flüchtlingsrat Berlin: ****://tinyurl.***/h3gsfly

or any 'Flüchtlingsrat' in another federal state in Germany.

Take the nearest to your actual residence. ask 'Google', using search term 'Flüchtlingsrat' and 'your recent location'.

Regards, Jan
answered Jan 15, 2016 by Jan
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