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I want to ask about refugee study in Germany .

If a refugee (Aufenthaltgestattung or Duldung)wants to study and he got admission in the university.

What is the law from government for a refugee who is study ?

Will he be deported ? Can he save from deportation Because of study ?

As I know that if someone is doing Ausbildung and he can stay in Germany .
asked May 30 in Education by Zichako (480 points)
Hello @Zichako - nice to hear from you again. You are right, you can get an Ausbildungsduldung that allows you to stay for the duration of an Ausbildung (+2 additional years). As far as I know, there is no such thing for studies (meaning: if your asylum procedure ends with a negative result you can get deported). To make sure I'm not missing out on anything I will link our experts on educational topics: @BildungsberaterIn @Arrivo-EMSA @KironHelpDesk

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