I am with a duldung status. There is an uncertainty of my deportation. I have been living here in Germany for 4 years and 4 months. And I am having a job for 4 years. Now if I do an apprenticeship of three years and stay in the same company for two years more. As I heard that at the time of doing an apprenticeship, one cannot be forced to deport to one's homeland, is it true? Thus my stay in Germany will be for more than 8 years. Then what are the chances of my receiving a residence permit in accordance  to § 25b Aufenthaltsgesetz granted if I own German language skill A2 and can demonstrate that I cannot get a passport?

I do not have passport. Can I do an apprenticeship without having a passport? 

I currently am doing a job in McDonald. Leaving my job, will it be a good move to do an apprenticeship as I am in uncertainty of deportation? Or what is your suggestions? What will be good for me in this situation? 

Thanks for your cooperation. 

asked May 19, 2018 in Education by sabbirnbd | 968 views

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Hello @sabbirnbd

Nice to hear from you again!

It's true that you can get a so-called "Ausbildungsduldung" for the duration of your Ausbildung. It enables you to stay in Germany for ~3 years (usually) and after that you will have 6 months to find a job in a related field. If you succeed you will get a residence permit for another 2 years. In addition, your chances on the labour market will be better and you will probably get a better-paid job than at McDonald's. As far as I can see, you need to have a passport or a so-called "Passersatz" (a document that works as a substitute for your passport) in order to start an apprenticeship.

After working for 2 years you are allowed to work in a field that is not connected to the profession that you had your training in. That's what it says in §18a (2) AufenthG. To me that sounds like your residence permit will still be valid (or it will get prolonged) after 2 years.

If I'm wrong and that doesn't work, you can get a residence permit after 8 years of staying in Germany. Please keep in mind the answer provided in this thread:


As long as you fulfil the criteria listed, you should be granted a residence permit after 8 years.

Best regards,


answered May 22, 2018 by Thor
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