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Hallo wefugees,

I’m Ali 21, living In Stuttgart Germany, I came to Germany around 2016 as under aged 16/17 and I applied for an asylum but was rejected in 2017 for  my First Interview and was giving 30 months to leave and 2 weeks to appeal and I did the appeal and I suffered with an acute Active Tb in 22.02.19 and i Finnish my Medication in December 2019 but according to my health provider ‚ that i have Problem for my asylum and i will get Aufenthaltserlaubnisse in December but I didn’t ask him which December as he already applied for a residential permit for me and I am still monitoring by my 3 doctors even after finishing  my medications and later on January 10 I went to court I got the negative decision again amd I went to CT test in the hospital they Said that my lung is  90 percent ok and I have another CT appointment for my chest in next year may 2021 , and last the doctor said on a German word that (( Wir Sollen Seine GEDULD machen )) please what does that mean and now my case has closed and I got Duldung last Wednesday and I also need to present a passport to the authority.

Please explain to me what are the consequence of Tb in Germany.

Can someone has a stay after Active Tuberculosis, please I need this help .

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

asked Jul 3 in Legal advice by Alii
Please I need an answer

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