Hello..  I am Going to Attach 2 Pics of letter i received from Auslanderbehorde.  Can Anyone read and tell me what i should do now ? my Lawyer is Speaking Bulshit , i dont understand what to do . .Anyone can suggest something ? 

asked Sep 11, 2018 in Legal advice by Kevinreed00131

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Hi @Kevinreed00131 try to contact a well experienced immigration lawyer. i read it carefully with my Wife she knows a little bit about the German immigration and Residence Laws(aufenstaltG) it seems there's something wrong with your Residence permits application. The Ausländeramt want to see more documents from you. They state there that your Macedonian Identity card isn't enough to act as a Passport Substitute. Do you have a Macedonian Identity Card or any identity Documents from Macedonian? They also state that you were illegal in the Federal republic of Germany and that the Documents you provided wasn't sufficient enough to grant you the German Residence Permits (aufenstaltstitel) and also that you didn't fulfill the Visa requirements. And also that you have till 20 of September 2018 to react to thier refusals. So i would suggest you consult a well experienced immigration lawyer to help you out with your case. Good luck and best regards Nelly
answered Sep 12, 2018 by Nelly Overcomer
I never had mecedonian ID or something. I gave them all documents but they just refuse it, my partner is Poland citizen too, so now I am planning to apply to residency through European Law with his Poland citizenship. My lawyer told me with this it's 100% chances and in 3 week they have to issue you a residence permit.
@Nelly My lawyer is well Qualified and Very Clever too but I don't understand him how he is working on it. But he gave this Poland idea. I will be happy with your suggestions
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Hello Kevin,

thank you for addressing your question in the community. I went through the letter and I highly suggest that you take the oppertunity to address the open question with the support of your lawyer.

In case you are feeling that the lawyer is not helping in your case, there are free legal consultation you can go to in order to get  some assistance with the letter you received.

Unfortunately I cannot help further with the Informations given.

If you need further assistance please feel free to address them here.

Best regards,

answered Sep 12, 2018 by Nilab
Where is Thor? He helped so many people I am sure he had some suggestions for me too.
Hi at Nilab do you know any Organisation that offer such services  in Land Kreis Tübingen (Free legal Consultation)?
Dear @Nelly,

thank you for waiting.

Here is an address in Tübingen:
Asylzentrum Tübingen e.V.
Neckarhalde 40
72070 Tübingen
Tel.: 07071 - 4 41 15
Fax: 07071 - 5498468
Beratungszeiten: Montag 9-12 Uhr, Dienstag von 14-16 Uhr, Donnerstag 9-12 Uhr

Have a good day! Best regards,
Dear Kevinreed00131,

thank you for being such an aktiv part of the community. At this stage Thor is having a pause and concentrating on other aspects in his life, however he is still part of our vibrant community.

Best regards,
Hi @Nilab but that's for cases regarding Asylum seekers in Tubingen. I'm not an Asylum seeker or Refugee here in Germany. I mean like normal consultation Organizations regarding different Case for example like that of Kevinreed Residence Permits denials. Or an Organizations in Tubingen where one can consult and get some legal Informations regarding Interracial Marriage(Bilateral marriage).
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Hi @Kevinreed00131 that's Better if they would allow you apply for it. you stand more chance of getting it that way. As a Foreign spouse of an EU Citizen living in Germany You will be granted a 5 Years Residence Permits. It's Called Residence permits for family members of Eu Citizens. It can be granted within 3 to 4 weeks depending on the Ausländer Behörde With such Residence permits you don't have to prove that you came with a National visa and even A1 Certificate. You can apply for it directly here in Germany. Without fulfilling those conditions. It's also cheaper. I wish you Good luck
answered Sep 13, 2018 by Nelly Overcomer
That's All. I got your confirmation I will start working on it soon.. Thnx bro for help
You are welcome bro, try to get in contact with the Ausländeramt also. Let them know about your case. I believe your lawyer knows the best in such case. I hope they accept it. It would have been better if you applied in the first place as a spouse of an EU Citizen than a Spouse of a German.
Hi Nelly, I saw that you posted a question on my wall. Could you please post it as a question in the public Wefugees forum? Otherwise it's probably not going to be seen by anyone. We want to enable everyone to give answers or to access the given information if they are having the same problem. Best regards, Thorgen
  Jul 30 by Thor(and you are here answering rubbish questions,
Hi @kwame you are an idiot to think you are wise to comment such a rubbish here. do you know what i asked him about? I found out he's the Admin of the group. I was asking him about how to download the Wefugees app because i tried downloading it but i wasn't able to. and also a question after my marriage in Denmark. and i even posted the questiont on the Group . Just take your problem to somewhere else. Its a just a help here. I'm not getting any reward for it. the answers you see here is out of experience. And what i already know. I have never answered rubbish questions neither have i given any rubbish answer. And besides no question is Rubbish
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