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A year and half ago I stopped going to univeristy because it was hard to work and study at the same time, few months later I applied for Ausbildung and was accepted but they wont let me extend my reisdence because its changing the reason of staying, I dont wanna be deported, how can I stay and change their mind
asked Sep 14, 2020 in Legal advice by DellyCray
You raised a good question. I am in the same situation but only I haven't applied for Ausbildung. Could you tell me what's your situation now? And how did you apply for Ausbildung with your student visa or residence permit?

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Hi, I hope this may be of help but from my experience and knowledge, it should be possible now. It will also depend on your status here in Germany. Someone should correct me if I am wrong but some part of the German law was changed/ updated which now favours foreign students. It states that

Improved possibilities for foreign students in Germany to change their residence status: Foreign students already have the possibility to switch to other types of residence permits even before they complete their studies. For example, rather than continuing their studies, they can begin vocational training and receive a residence permit to attend a vocational training course.  The Skilled Immigration Act expands these possibilities to change status: under certain preconditions, and following consideration by the Federal Employment Agency, it is possible to accept a job offer as a qualified professional whilst a person is still studying or receiving vocational training. This entails a switch to a residence permit to work in a qualified occupation. link below

answered Sep 16, 2020 by Jose
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