Hello dear Portal I am from Pakistan and I am a refugee here in Germany since 2015 and I am working here since from 2016 on full papers and also I got married last year with a German women and we are having a 5 months old baby my question is that I have applied for the aufenthaltstitel after my baby born and also summit all documents like fatherscahft, sorgericht, baby birtj certificate,marriage certificate and also my original passport to auslander behorde my Assylum application is already rejected from BAMF and I had appealed already but still no hearings from  court yet so please I need advice that what would be the further process because auslander behorde doesn't replies me well only telling me to wait please help would be appreciated thanks
asked Aug 10, 2018 in Legal advice by Waqarvicky | 1,170 views

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Hello @Waqarvicky

Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for your question.

First of all, since you are married to a German woman, you already have a right to get a residence permit. It could happen that Ausländerbehörde asks you to leave Germany, go to your home country and then come back with a visa in order to get said residence permit. It seems to be unnecessary, but it's lawful for them to do so. But technically you are not dependent on your asylum procedure or getting a residence permit through your child.

Regarding your appeal: German bureaucracy is not the fastest. Sometimes you have to be patient. If nothing happened after 3 months you can file a so-called "Untätigkeitsklage" at Verwaltungsgericht with the help of a lawyer.

Best regards,


answered Aug 13, 2018 by Thor
Thanks alot for the wonderful answer but also auslanderbehorde have my original passport while they have take  from me when I have applied for the aufenthaltstitel and have given them all papers but still no answer nothing yet I am bit worried
Hi @waqarvicky Did you got a response from the Ausländer Behörde?
Hi dear thanks for commenting no i did not got any response from Auslanderbehorde still waiting for there response
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