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Am a refugee since 4 years in Germany. I had  rejection from BAMF but the case is in court. I just finished my apprentice as Maschine und anlageführer yesterday , and i passed. I already have a permanent work contract since August 2017 at my firm and am getting a new upgrade on salary next week. I did deutschkurs and have the B1 certificate, though I attended till C1 and paid for myself. I have 2 rooms apartment, driving licence, Car, Single, no kids. My point is I have everything except a resident permit. Can I get a resident permit since I integrated fairly? Because I heard after Ausbildung, you can work for two years. I just need a resident-permit because achieving somethings is difficult without it, like buying an apartment. Please I need advice and answers. Thanks
asked Jan 10, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Jazzy

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Dear @Jazzy,

Congratulations on your finished Ausbildung and sorry for the wait!

You mentioned that you already appealed against the rejection that you received. Your lawyer will therefore have more insight into your situation and can have a closer look at your case than we are able to.

But to answer your questions regarding residence permits for sustainable integration (§25b Residence Act), these are the requirements that apply:

  • If you've been in Germany for at least eight years without any interruption, with a residence title, e.g. a temporary residence "Aufenthaltsgestattung", or a tolerated residence permit "Duldung"
  • If you are able to speak German on A2 level, proven by a certificate, or a document showing you successfully finished school, vocational training or university in Germany
  • If you can secure your livelihood through your income - not receiving asylum seekers benefits from the state. Sometimes the Immigration Office doesn't apply this requirement, if they assume that in the future your livelihood will be secured through a profitable occupation
  • If you have a basic knowledge of the liberal democratic constitutional structure and acknowledge it (as "newcomers") learn in an integration class)
  • If you haven't prevented your deportation through deception or lack of cooperation

Then you are eligible for this form of residence permit (there are a few more points that apply to people with children that I left out here).

Here is the law regulating it:

Since you mentioned that you've "only" been in Germany for four years, this form of residence permit unfortunately doesn't apply to you. However, you can ask your lawyer regarding residence permits for work purposes, for example, or simply wait how the appeal process goes. 

Have a look at this Berlin Service website regarding work residence permits (there are more options on the right hand bar on the website!):

I hope this information helps. Please let us know if you have any more questions or need further assistance!

All the best,


answered Jan 14, 2019 by Isa
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