I'm in Germany with family as asylum seeker. My case has been rejected. I have B1 certificate and working full-time as pfledgekraft in Seniorenheim. I'm paying taxes and have unlimited contract. My question is weither I should start ausbildung or continue my work? And what is my future in Germany? Please if someone can reply this. Thanks.
asked Sep 30, 2018 in Legal advice by Rehan

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Hi @Rehan

You should be aware that your future perspective would be better if you do an Ausbildung. It gives you the chance to get a Ausbildungsduldung. This way you can stay for 3 years, finish your Ausbildung and then stay for 2 years additionally (and your stay can be extended afterwards). Because right now your stay is quite uncertain. You have a Duldung, don't you? Just having your work contract won't build ground for a long-term stay or a residence permit.

All the best,

Lea :)

answered Oct 2, 2018 by Lea
Thanks Lea for your reply. Let me inform you that i don't have duldung. My pass get 6 months renewel every time. Still I need to go for Ausbildung? Because I'm not taking help from government, paying taxes, have complelty integrated in German society, have B1 certificate, working as nurse (positiv Beruf Liste), have full time unlimited employment. Is it not enough to stay in Germany. What does law says??? Please need your expert opinion. Thanks
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