Good day sir ma, please i received a letter today from Abteilung 8 after my asylum case was rejected. Actually i am doing an Ausbildung since last year , but my lawyer already told them that i am doing ausbildung, and my lawyer also told me that they need my passport, but i want to seek more knowledge here to know if it is not dangerous to submit my passport now and actually i dont have any passport,  can someone gibe me more advise to that...The letter content was as follow.

Wir bitten in Übersendung das Ausbildungvertrages und der Eintragung der Ausbildung in das Verzeichnis der Ausbildungberufe.
Außerdem muss für eine Beschäftigungserlaubnis die Identität Ihres Mandaten geklärt sein, Aus diesem Grund bitten wir um Übersendung des Reisepasses oder sonstigen Identitätsnachweisen...
asked Aug 21, 2018 in Legal advice by Tosin 1 flag | 2,281 views

Hello @Tosin - Nice to hear from you again.

May I ask which authority you are talking about - is it Ausländerbehörde? I assume that we are talking about the application for Ausbildungsduldung, aren't we? Or are we talking about another procedure? I just want to get a better understanding of the situation.

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Hello @Thorgen thanks for your reply, yes actually my lawyer write the Ausländerbehörde about my Ausbildungduldung but this letter came from another office call Abteilung 8, but i don't know why they need my identity to issue me Ausbildung duldung

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Thank you @Tosin for clarifying the matter.

The letter says that they need to verify your identity in order to give you a work permit. But it also says that other proofs identity are sufficient. So if you can submit other documents, it should work as well.

Anyway, since you are already in contact with a lawyer, I would rely on his advice. He probably knows best what to do, especially since he was able to take a close **** at your case.

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answered Aug 21, 2018 by Thor
@Thorgen thank you for your time and your reply, what i just didnt understand is that, i knew some people that do not submit any identification before they collect Ausbildungduldung and also they got it at Ausländerbehörde not from this Abteilung 8, i just want to know if any other people have this kind of experience before
Let's see if someone can share their experiences from similar situations.
Hello @Thorgen, thanks for your respond, i just check the name of the office that sent me the letter very well today, they are call REGIERUNGSPRÄSIDUM KARLSRUHE ABTEILUNG 8, please can you help me to do more research about them and why they will need my identification, thank you  much for your time

Hello @Tosin

According to the official website of Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe, Abteilung 8 is responsible for people that are legally obliged to depart (e.g. rejected asylum seekers). Furthermore, they are the supervisory control and control of legality for the Ausländerbehörde. I guess that's why they are involved in this case. Have you asked your lawyer about this too?

Here is the link to their website (German language): https://rp.baden-wuerttemberg.de/rpk/Abt8/Seiten/Aufgaben-Abteilung-8.aspx

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