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But if I don't give them I will not be able to do my ausbildung and will not get the German pass to stay  , and that's very important to me  , because the last year I have travel with my class to UK Scotland for excursion with my Duldung.. my case is I Arrived here when I was 17 years old ..
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asked May 4, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Mo_singz

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Yes in Germany you cannot deport a person who is underage. But as soon as you turn 18 and above they start to request for birth certificate or any id card from your home country and deport you .It happened to a friend of mine who came to german at the age of 15 .After he turned 18 and the authorities lied to him to get passport from Ghana embassy to get Aufenthaltstitel but they ended up deporting him to ghana and gave him 900€.Get a lawyer first and discuss with him .Thank you
answered May 4, 2019 by Tony1111
selected May 4, 2019 by Mo_singz
I have already hand it over to them , but they said 3 to 4 weeks they give it to me back , they have to check if it's fake an wether they give me the permit to do my ausbildung ... So I'm still waiting ..... But u know the question is me I don't do asylum since I arrived here, I'm student going to normal school so this year I will finish my high school .. an. I'm 19 years now
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