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Can k changre my ausbildung and work normal full time if yes what should i do
asked Mar 20 in Information & Offers by Laurin | 1 view

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Hi @Laurin,

You can change from a permit for Ausbilung (16a Aufenthaltsgesetz) to a permit for qualified work (18a Aufenthaltsgesetz). You need to find a job which requires a third-level university or vocational qualification. You also have to show you have a qualification and if necessary, have it recognised as applicable in Germany.



answered Mar 22 by mbeon-Éanna
Hi again thank u for ur reply but im not a qualified worker im a normal student with ausbildung visum with 1.5 years residenc permit can i still change my visum
Hi @Laurin, You're welcome. What kind of work are you planning to get the work permit for? It is only issued for qualified work that's why you need to show some sort of qualification.
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