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Hi every one i amir i am From pakistan i lived in berlin 1 Year and 8 month Now i start Ausbildung  i get 3 Years Ausbildung Vertrag Next Week my interview is Coming so my qustion when my Interview Finish and respons
Coming negative bundesamt deport me
 or they give me a Chance to finish my Ausbildung i am Waiting för your Kind answers
Thanks Alot.
asked Sep 1, 2016 in Education by Aami 1 flag

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Hi Aami,

you can finish your education (Ausbildung) even if your interview has a negative result.
You will have a status of tolerance untill your education is finished (Law: § 60a AufenthG).
If your education is closely followed by a job offer your tolerated status can be extended.
Detailed information see 'Netzwerk Berlin hilft' (Network Berlin helps): (German), (English translation by Google).

All the best for your interview!

answered Sep 2, 2016 by Jan
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