Hallo. i have applied a residence permit to the Hardship commission and it's 3 months now they don't reply and i later have an ausbildung contract and i apply for a an Ausbildungsduldung with my passport but I'm scared of been deported. Will i be deported  if i have ausbildung contract  and the Hardship commission is still processing ?
asked Aug 16, 2022 in Other Questions by Saihou | 317 views
Hello @Saihou, welcome to the Wefugees community and thanks for reaching out to us. I will link my dear colleagues and experts here @mbeon-fardeen and @mbeon-Éanna here. Maybe they can have a **** at your question and help you with an answer. Kind regards, Julia
As far as my experience with your situation , if your Ausbildung contract accepted by Auslanderbehörde , then you will get a letter from Hardship commission that you are applied for an Ausbildung so you have a chance to get an Aufenthalt in Through ausbildung , so as That reason Hardship Commission  will close your application .
If you want to get an Ausbildung Duldung  , you have to have submit your Passport , also without passport you won’t get Aufenthalt even if you are successfully enrolled your Ausbildung .
My situation is a bit similar. I am in the second year of my ausbildung and my lawyer has applied for ausbildungs duldung and my passport is with auslanderbehorde. The auslanderbehorde informed me that the case is still running therefore I must wait and thats' why she has kept my passport with her. It has been weeks and still no response.

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You should withdraw your Asylum , unless you are not eligible to get an Ausbildung Duldung . You can ask your Advocate about it .
answered Aug 18, 2022 by Nima
Did you address me? Why should I withdraw the asylum? I am asking for proper suggestions and not some obsolete statements.
Yes , you can’t eligible to get an Ausbildung Duldung , if your Asylum is in process ( I mean If you have aufenthaltstattung ) , I‘m sharing what I went through to obtain an Aufenthalt from Asylum to Ausbildung , you should ask talk with your advocate
Ok..sorry for the misunderstanding! I got it. Thank you for the reply. :)
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