I arrived in Germany on April through an organisation that I have to volunteer at for a year, my main aim as to why i applied and worked hard to be selected eas because I am a lesbian.  Homosexuality is illegal in my country and I have had to bribe the police at  different points in my life to avoid being improsoned for participating in lgbt activities.  Despite that my family is very religious and condemns my sexuality and even the community in General , I have lived in fear for years and just want to be free and start my life over living freely without fear of persecution and imprisonment for being who I am.
Because of the reason I used to come in Germany I am torn in between applying for asylum imediately or waiting for my one year to elapse then apply.My organisation has already done the paperwork to grant me a residence for one year,  please adivice me on what to do,  I still want to offer my voluntary service but also need to start seeking my freeddom.   
And would waiting for a full year affect my asylum proceedings?
asked May 10, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Moonx | 1,367 views
Hello @Moonx - Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for your question. I will link @WKZB1 of Willkommenszentrum. He is an expert on residency issues and can hopefully provide an answer to your question tomorrow. Best regards, Thorgen

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Dear @Moonk,

According to your information, you own a residence permit for one year as a volunteer. This residence will stay valid, even if you apply for asylum in Germany now. To be able to decide if you should apply for asylum or not, you should contact the Schwulenberatung Berlin which gives legal advice on asylum procedures for LGBTI refugees under the following link:


Best regards


answered May 16, 2018 by WKZB1
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