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About to seek assylum in germany.  I have important questions and need advise. After seeking assylum in germany, can my germany friend  help me. His a financial stable man , can he couch or volounteer to be responsible for me and give me work permit in his company or assist me with any sort of permit so that way I don't get to be problem of the government
asked Nov 7, 2017 in Asylum proceedings by Kaykay

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Hello @KayKay

Thank you for asking your question here on Wefugees and welcome to our community!

I’m afraid your German friend has only limited options what he can do for you after you registered as an asylum seeker - unless you are underage or related to each other. For example he can’t give you a work permit because he doesn’t have the authority to decide about that. But he can employ you as a regular employee after the 3-month waiting period is over and if Ausländerbehörde (aliens department) and Bundesagentur für Arbeit (German Federal Labour Market Authority) give their consent.

But of course it’s always helpful to have native friends that can support you and help you to integrate faster. For example it will be easier for you to learn German if you have a native speaker that you can talk to.

Apart from that you have to go through the asylum procedure the same way as anyone else - it’s a public and not a private affair. The procedure includes an interview which will build ground for the decision about your case by BAMF.

Best regards,
answered Nov 7, 2017 by Thor
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